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           Get to Know the Just Fer Paws Kennels Family

Here at Just Fer Paws Kennels, our staff members are passionate about your pet’s well-being and work hard to create an environment that is a home away from home for your furry friend. Please take a minute or two to learn about the human and animal family who work hard to make our place so much fun for your animal companions.
Charlie Evans

Charlie Evans

Charlie became the owner of Just Fer Paws Kennels in August 2013. He was trained by Dawn (the original owner) before she departed to Hawaii with "The Comedy Canines." Between his attention to detail and his love for the dogs, he has what it takes to make this place great!

Charlie lives on the property with his husband, Jon Evans. Charlie takes running a kennel seriously and always comes up with new ideas for a safer and more pet-friendly environment.
Jon Evans

Jon Evans

Jon is the volunteer basic groomer, kennel worker, and office manager of Just Fer Paws Kennels. He was originally trained at Norfolk County Agricultural High School in Walpole, Massachusetts, with a major in Associated Animal Science.

Jon arrived to help Charlie in October 2013. Jon had worked for seven and a half years at Holiday Kennels in Brockton, MA, where he learned to do basic grooming and hone his skills in the every day running of a boarding facility.


Jake is a special dog. He belonged to an angel. When Dawn's friend Kelly was diagnosed with cancer, Dawn helped her pick Jake from a rescue. Jake was a great companion for Kelly during her battle.

Unfortunately, Kelly lost her battle with cancer in the fall of 2008. Her one wish was that Jake be in a safe and happy home. Jake had spent a lot of time with the "Comedy Canines" while Kelly went through treatment and he was very comfortable with them. Jake is now a part of the family and a wonderful reminder of Kelly's spirit. When Dawn left for Hawaii, she gave Jake to Charlie and Jon so he can live out the rest of his days in a happy home where he knows he is loved.


Charlie and Jon rescued Kelly from the Sevier County Humane Society on January 6, 2015. After the passing of Sunshine, there was an empty hole in the cottage. They both thought this little Chihuahua mix was just what they needed to fill the empty space in their hearts.

Kelly has been a wonderful addition to the family. She has become the property alarm system. She is sometimes called Killer Kelly due to her need of meeting every new customer and being quite mouthy about it.


This little black cat was found in October 2010, locked in a boiler room of an old church that was being used as a soup kitchen for the homeless in Brockton, MA. Jon was volunteering there at the time, and he instantly fell in love with her.

Tabitha and Jon have a special bond that was formed that day. Surprisingly, she has adapted well to living with six dogs after being an only child for so long.


Charlie and Jon were interested in finding a dog that would interact well with the visiting clients and be more energetic than Jake. In February of 2014, they went to Pets Without Parents in Sevierville, where they found this adorable Redtick Coonhound and knew that she would be the right fit for the family.

Darla has become a favorite playmate for many of the dogs that come to visit or stay. She interacts well with many situations and temperaments. Currently Darla has slowed down and become more of a couch potato.


On May 16, 2015, Charlie and Jon found this beautiful 1-year-old Labrador / Hound Mix at the Sevier County Humane Society. He was a foster pet, but now he has become a permanent fixture here at Just Fer Paws Kennels.

Barney interacts well with a lot of our visiting fur babies. He does not like saying good-bye to his friends, though, and he gets loud about them leaving. He enjoys his new family, but he does have some issues with food aggression and always needing to be first for everything. These issues have made it difficult for Jake and Barney to bond, so they only tolerate each other.


Jon found this cat in Newport, TN, in July 2016. She was in bad shape — her hair was matted and she had wounds from fighting. Jon decided this little girl needed a safe place to live and brought her home. She now lives in the office and enjoys staying dry and comfortable.
Mohican Rico Rae (Ray-Ray)
Rae joined our family August 22. 2017. She came to us through the Greyhound Rescue Foundation of Tennessee. Rae is a 3 1/2 year old Greyhound and she used to race out of Mobile AL. Rae is as beautiful as she is quiet. All of her sisters and brothers seem to like her and she is a wonderful addition to our family.


Charley came to us the beginning of August 2016. We were asked by a local if we could possibly take him in because she couldn't handle him along with her other large dogs.

Being that we love Dachshunds anyway, we couldn't resist bringing this 2-year-old Dachshund into our home. Charley has fallen in love with his brothers and sisters and is an awesome addition to the Evans clan.
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